Zorn and France

June 1″ – August 20″, 2017

Zorn and France is the theme of the Zorn Museum’s summer exhibition of 2017. For the first time ever, an entire exhibition devoted to the eight years that Anders Zorn and his wife, Emma, kept their permanent address on Boulevard de Clichy in Paris, next to the cabaret Moulin Rouge. There was a time when Zorn’s international career took off like a rocket. At the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1889, the young Swede won the gold medal and was awarded the Legion of Honor. Soon he was a respected name in the fashionable city’s art scene. “Zorn was here just like he is everywhere, like a fish in water.” wrote his friend Carl Larsson. Famous artists, French cultural elite, wealthy bankers and prima ballerinas will be displayed in an exhibition that moves from Paris’ most exclusive environments to theaters and the artist’s studio. With virtuoso technique, Zorn portrayed in his paintings and etchings, some of the era’s most colorful personalities both French men and French women as well as foreigners just visiting the city. The works from this period are among the best the artist created.

In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be a new book published, Zorn and France, written by Vibeke Röstorp. The exhibition in Mora precedes the large Zorn Exhibition opening this fall at the Petit Palais in Paris, Anders Zorn. Le Peintre de la Suède fin-de-siècle, a collaboration between the French museum, the National Museum and the Zorn Museum.