Do you want to travel back in time?

Then join us on a journey that begins in the Middle Ages and takes you all the way through to the 1870’s, the time when the artist Anders Zorn was a child. The journey takes place at Zorn’s Gammalgård in Mora, perhaps the world’s finest collection of timber houses. Together with your guide and traveling companions, you will see and feel what life was like in the past. Step into the houses, meet the people who lived there, eat their food, listen to their music, try some of their chores and see how it feels to walk in their shoes. In short, experience the story for real!

A Journey in Time also includes an exhibit that explains more about the Gammelgård and its history. The exhibition is housed in the Textile Museum, where amazing textiles and costumes from Emma Zorn’s collection are also on display. There is also a small gift shop with candy, crafts and souvenirs.   And don’t forget to take time to have Gammelgård’s popular coffee, juice and cookies.

A Journey in Time’s gates open up again on June 15, 2017.

More information on summer events to come in the spring of 2017.