Become a sponsor

As a Zorn Museum partner, you strengthen your company’s cultural image and quality profile, while actively supporting culture in Sweden and Mora. In 2010, the Zorn Collections had a total public attendance of 107,000. Through sponsorship, you reach an attractive target group via a new, exciting channel.

Our partners get access to a unique forum, a fantastic setting for client meetings, staff events and other activities. Through exhibitions, theme evenings and creative programmes, you can inspire your staff in new ways. The Zorn Museum aims to have a select number of stable partners.

In total, the Zorn Collections include almost 20,000 art objects: paintings and sculptures, drawings and prints, furniture, handicraft, silverware, antiques and textiles. A cultural legacy of unsurpassed breadth. Besides preserving the collections, Zorn Museum produces various thematic exhibitions each year. We also offer concerts and similar events in collaboration with others including Vinterfest, Musik vid Siljan, IFK Mora and Kulturskolan Miranda.

For more information, please contact museum director Johan Cederlund. Phone: + 46 (0)250-59 23 10.