Experience the feeling of stepping straight into a Zorn painting at Gopsmor cottage, atmospherically situated near the clear waters of Österdal River. It was here that the artist withdrew in order to live a humble farm life, just like his ancestors in past times. It was also at Gopsmor that Zorn painted some of his most famous works, including Dance in Gopsmor Cottage and Watering the Horse, both at the Zorn Museum. For more information, please read the text about the Zorn Collections. Gopsmor is located near Garberg (Älvdalen municipality), 20 km north of Mora along road 70. Then follow the signs.  A guide can show you the large cottage and Zorn’s studio. A good idea is to bring your own coffee and relax at a bench beside the water.  For opening hours, see the column to the right.