Zorn House

Zorn House is one of the most famous artist homes in Sweden. Built and decorated around the turn of last century by Anders and Emma Zorn, it remains today almost untouched since their time. In the originally designed rooms, art and objects from all over the world are mixed with kurbits and traditional artwork from Dalarna: woven tapestries, antique marble sculptures, paintings by old masters and furniture designed by Zorn himself. The house also has a garden with old-fashioned roses, vegetables and fruit trees, as well as sculptures by Zorn. For opening hours, see the column to the right.

Zorn House occurs only in guided tours. We recommend that you book your place in advance by sending email to info(at)zorn.se.

Zorn House is unfortunately not handicapped accessible and is not suitable to visit with walking frames, wheelchairs or strollers.
(Zorn Museum is, however, disabled and equipped with an elevator.)